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The VETT perspective is a simple one.


Slide To educate organizations on effectively assessing current and future states of their technology environment and its most relevant, immediate impact on business.


Slide To create, simplify, and implement end-to-end business technology options for any planned or existing period of transition.

Our perspective and partnerships fuel the business engine.

The true power of VETT Technologies:


Experience and adaptability…

Servicing the needs of thousands of clients for nearly three decades, VETT strategically positions a business to overcome challenges faced in any critical phase of operations. From Start-Up, Relocation and Renovation to Mergers and Acquisitions, the total scope of our expertise in technology engineering and field experience ranges from Infrastructure to End User and just about everything in between.



Service & Support

Your information is your power. The reliability and effectiveness of technology during the most critical transition periods of business, work either in concert with or detriment to the bottom line. With VETT, the right information at the right time is where your money works for you.

The one constant with technology is that “the future was actually yesterday”. The only guarantee in technology is a very costly one to all who don’t understand how to properly plan and VETT solutions that protect against the ups and downs of their business cycles.

The VETT standard does not contain the word average. Excellence is first a state of mind; then, the will to execute. Our Veteran centric team understood this while serving our country and now extend that same level of service to meet the needs of each and every one of our clients.

With the worst thing that could happen and at the worst time, we’ve proven that preparation and prevention make such instances the rarest of occasions. VETT = planning for the not going according to plan and executing resolve on demand.

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We primarily operate as the technology transition partner in support of businesses across the US.

We are aligned with Commercial Real Estate Developers, General Contractors, and Commercial Property Managers for critical technology infrastructure projects ranging from new construction, renovations and demo, to new office technology setup and tenant relocation services. VETT also specializes in the technology integration of multi-company mergers and acquisitions.

The preface of the VETT process invariably accounts for the future, daily.


Commercial Real Estate

Critical technology infrastructure; sounds scary. Fact: the modern world of business does not exist without it. Our role with CRE Developers is simply to execute: $VETT – Prepare better, for better business. Primary services include:

preparing better "is" better business

 Project & Construction Mgmt

 Utility Infrastructure & Locate

 Telecommunications Outside Plant

 Wireless Communications

 Security & Video Surveillance

 Access Control

 Information Technology (IT)

 Network Cabling

 Operations & Maintenance


Commercial Real Estate

All phases of transition directly correspond to a significant shift or diversion of business capital with sustained impact. GCs rely on #VETT input for CRE Renovation originating from necessity, demand, growth or reduction.

imminent possibilities of change

Not if, but when change comes…VETT


 Enterprise and SMB Technology






 +Disaster Recovery


Commercial Real Estate

In the world of CRE Property Management there is no higher objective than profitability. Technology services available to managers/tenants create a foundation for opportunities and success on both sides of the business.

profitablility is paramount...

From connectivity to communications to the cloud, we deliver premier Internet, Unified Communications, and Cloud technology services.


 Internet / Network Mgmt

 Telecom/UC Conferencing & VoIP




Business Acquisitions

Corporate and private equity executives saw an acceleration of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in 2018, both in the number of deals and the size of the transactions. Technology acquisition is the new No. 1 driver of M&A pursuits.

integration with precision and purpose

Executives faced with tasks of managing the unification of two or more organizations, VETT to integrate technologies.


 Technology Audit Services

 Financial Analysis and Reporting

 Systems Integration

 Unified Support Strategies

VETT services center on the total impact to business, bottom line.


Internet Service Provider

 Internet Primary

 Redundant DIA

 Dark Fiber

 Gigabit Bandwidth

 Fixed Wireless


 LTE-A Failover (IT)




IT Managed Service Provider

 Network Management

 Software Support

 Hardware Support

Data Storage/BackUp

 Network Monitoring




 Network Security


VoIP/Video Service Provider

 Unified Communications

 Cloud Hosted VoIP

 Video Conferencing

 SIP Trunks

 SMS Services






SD-WAN Service Provider


 Network Congestion

 Packet Delay Variation

 Packet Loss

 Virtual Applications

 Virtual Desktops

 HD Video/Conferencing




Structured Cabling Services

 Outside Plant

 Radio Tower Installation









Network+ Control Access Services



 Controlled Access



 IP Camera/NVR Surveillance

 Access Management Systems

 Electric Door Lock Hardware

 Access Control Panels


Audio Visual Services

 Equipment Services

 Operator Services

 Digital Signage




 Association Conferences

 Trade Shows

 Media Content Production

Contract Management

Service Contract Management

 Contract Management

 Pro-Active Notifications

 Service Agreement Review

 Pre-Commitment Review

Comprehensive Comparison


 Dispute Resolution


 Audit Services

VETT projects approach is no small feat; on time, on budget.

VETT projects cross all categories of industry:


People = Passion

People are the blueprint for our passion! Our relationships, whether business or philanthropic, deserve our very best. EDUCATION The Arts & Music VETERANS Emerging Leaders In Philanthropy At Communities Foundation of Texas ASSOCIATIONS

Information is


Your information is your power. What is your technological state of readiness?

how we're wired..

for precision and purpose..

Do it right the 1st time! 2nd chances are costly.

    A global mindset

    on-time, and on-budget..

    VETT time and money.

    on the front lines..

    we have your back!

    VETT happens in front of your business.